COATstand mirac

COAT stand white

DKK 3.390,00

Toothbrush Holder

Tooth brush stand

DKK 569.00

Toothbrush holder in diatomite.

The toothbrush holder is made entirely of diatomite and surface treated with a traditional Japanese technique called Sakan, where you polish the surface with water to obtain a silky matte surface. The holder absorbs the water from the toothbrushes. If toothpaste residues appear on the inside over time, clean with a brush and allow it to dry out in the sun. Available in white and green

Dimensions: Ø6 cm. height 12 cm.


Hook racks Oiled Oak. smoked solid oak 51 x 11 cm

price incl. 3 pieces. hooks 949.00 DKK


Serving table

DKK 2.399,00

massiv oak oil

Mål:  H56 x B34,3 x L66,5 (with handle)


Servingtay in oak

size: 32 x 48 cm

                         DKK 649,00

Skærebræt rundt

Skærebræt rundt - ø34

DKK 749,00

Skærebræt bred

Skærebræt bred med saftrille 53,5 x 34 x 2,2 cm

DKK 779,00



DKK 475,00

Lille lommekniv med læder etui

Lille lommekniv med læder etui - Knivbladet er 7 cm

                        DKK 1.179,00    

Forklæde linned

Forklæde linned

DKK 699,00

Forklæde kanvas

Forklæde kanvas

DKK 699,00

Glasklokke stor


DKK 499,00

Glass bell large in mouth blown glass.

To protect plants in the garden or to store special objects against dust and the like. Use it in a small still life with bullets and branches from nature
Dimensions: diameter 19.5 cm. height 38 cm.

Glasklokke mellem


DKK 449.00

Glass bell is mouth blown glass.
to protect plants in the garden or to store special objects against dust and the like.
Dimensions: diameter 15 cm. height 30cm.

FIREtower 100

FIREtower woodstand

H.100 x B.40 cm

DKK 1.599,00

FIREtower 150

FIREtower woodstand

H.150 x B.40 cm

DKK 1.849,00

Brændesæk kanvas

Brændesæk i kanvas

DKK 799,00



olieret eg DKK 799,00

Københavnpuslespil magnet

Copenhagen magnet

DKK 99,00

Magnetic puzzle with map of Copenhagen with 100 pieces. Just to put on the fridge or magnet board.
Dimensionsl: 26 x 35 cm



DKK 229,00

World map puzzle consisting of 1000 pieces.
Measures overall 48 x 68 cm.
Comes in gift tubes

Copenhagen Puzzle


DKK 179,00

A puzzle consisting of 500 pieces with city maps of Copenhagen.
dimensions: 34 x 48 cm



D 10 cm. 

H 12,6 cm.

Black base snowball from CoolSnowGlobes.

A childhood memory in a new interpretation.
This one is made of glass and molded resin.

comes in a beautiful gift box.

Globes Pris DDK 499,00




size: 120x B31 x H45 cm

oil oak           DKK 4.399,00


Bench in  iron, coated with matt auto paint so it can stand out all year round,

without getting infected. Under the bench is a small shelf for four-light candles, so that the bench is heated, at the same time giving a nice light effect.
The dark color of the bench occurs when the iron plate is rolled out to the desired thickness, this is done at very high heat.

size: 115 x 30 x H45 cm

Price DKK 4.179,00