IS sofa


The organic shape of the two-seater sofa is a single continuous line, the generous CNC-cut wooden armrests and pillows continuously flow into each other to give the sofa a very serene look.
The simple shape combines its contrasting materials hard and soft seamlessly into an uninterrupted contour flow. It embraces you in a personal way and relaxes with you.

B149.5 D72 H75.5 SH43 cm

Wood and upholstery are available in various options

IS loveseat  Price from DKK 36,350.00

Paper Knife sofa 3 pers.

Paperknife sofa Eg

3 person sofa "Paper Knife".
The arm shape is like a knife motif and the detail is elegant. The frame is slim, but the size is spacious.

Designed by Kai Kristiansen

Size: W168 D70 H75 SH40 cm

 Trees: Oak, Walnut and Black Ash

Paperknife 3-seater price like photo leather DKK 53,100.00

newbrix daybed


Danish produced chip

solid oak frame, stained in color or pine

cushion fitted with cotton, wool or leather with / without buttons

Size 70x200 cm.

Newbrix price from DKK 15,859.00

BOAH sofa


The emo couch represents the lines that only passion can create. With its dimensions and style security, the sofa is ideal for both living room and office space.

The Emo sofa in the home creates a sense of coziness and quality.

It is extremely comfortable, but also provides an aesthetically pleasing experience.


Chair / Width 77/65 cm Depth 88/60 cm Height 74/40 cm

2 - Seats / Width 142/130 cm Depth 88/60 cm Height 74/40 cm

3 - Seats / Width 207/195 cm Depth 88/60 cm Height 74/40 cm

Seat: pine frame with steel springs inserted.

Seat cushion with a core of 40 kg cold foam.

Frame built of European plywood. Upholstered with 40 kg fire retardant cold hardened foam.

Back cushion made from a mixture of down and fiber balls.

Leg: Oak bone, white oil finish.


For price contact the store

Reason sofa

REASON sofa - The reason is the reinterpretation of the 1950s highest exclusive icons and their popular designs.

Comfort combined with visual impression will impress you with this piece of furniture.

Reason is designed to satisfy your senses as well as create a framework for relaxation, even without your awareness.

The sofa comes in many variations, all with visible frame and oak legs.





TEL: 0045 2623 9400

Classic 3 seater box sofa

BOX sofa Classic

The couch sofa is a recognized product within Danish furniture design. With this model, craftsmanship is characterized by high quality, the lines of the sofa are stylish and help to give the sofa a floating expression.

Width 204 cm

Height: 78 cm
Depth: 84 cm
Seat height: 43 cm
Seat depth: 54 cm
Arm width: 7 cm

It is possible to order the sofa in various sizes and as a corner sofa Can be fitted with fabric & leather on the frame and cushions, legs can be selected in wood or steel, square and round.

Price like photo DKK 15,215.00

PUMP modulsofaen

module sofa standard as module built "floats"

The modules can be set up in several variants and can be assembled to fit the sofa.

Possibilities for special adaptation and various covers For example. Velor, leather, wool & cotton

Price varies by choice of modules and Martial choices - on request


Lænestol IS Lounge chair

IS lounge chair

The funky lounge armchair, with the fine design expression, it has a deep comfort.

ISlounge Price from DKK 19.100,00

Lænestol Paperknife

Paperknife sofa valnød

Paper knife armchair

Designed by Kai Kristiansen, this armchair is part of a series called "Paper Knife" for its sharp edge detail. The series includes a 2, 3 seater sofa and a coffee table.
The arm shape is like a knife motif and the detail is elegant. The frame is slim, but the size is spacious.
The pillow made with feathers.

Paperknife chair Price from DKK 19,355.00

UNIREST lænestol

UNIREST lænestol


Sophisticated lounge chair from Danish designer Kai Kristiansen's hand.
The basket in the seat cushion provides a relaxing sitting comfort and makes it easier to use this one-person.
The beautiful sculpted armrests characterize this special piece.


UNIREST Price DKK 22,200.00

Modus lænestol

Modus is an armchair designed by Danish designer Kristian Vedel (1923-2003).
It is a simple, compact and inviting armchair that fits easily in different interiors.
The originality of the design gives MODUS a unique look.

Designed by Kristian Vedel

The chair is "new" in production / for further information contact the store:


TEL: 0045 2623 9400.


The lobster chair is an exclusive and elegant Danish designed new modern.

The chair was designed by LUND & PAARMANN and was first launched in 2008.

Lobster is produced using quality materials: the shell is molded beech with walnut veneer, oak veneer or black beech veneer on the outside with a painted lacquered surface that is easy to clean.

specifications Height / 95 cm Width / 73 cm Depth / 82 cm Height of seat / 39 cm

materials: Walnut painted / varnished / Oak matte / black matte

Basis: Made of satin chromed steel or black powder coated steel.

Foam: Flame retardant Panthera foam.

Paper Knife sofabord

Paperknife sofabord

"PaperKnife" coffee table with its sharp edge.
shape is like a knife motif and the detail is elegant. The frame is slim, but the size is spacious

Designed by Kai Kristiansen

L.100 x W.53 H.44 cm

L.120 x B.60 H.44 cm

Black Ask

Paperknife table Price from DKK 18,375.00

PLAYround coffeetable


Designer | Bruun Munch

Top plate: Solid oak or walnut painted and polished by hand. Smoked, oiled, white-oiled, soap-treated oak or oiled walnut. Also available in a selection of colored laminate and linoleum finishes


Price example with linoleum table top DKK 4,545.00

Price example with countertop in oak soap treated DKK 6,945.00



W: 80 x L: 80 cm H: 44 cm


Frame: black powder coated steel
Table top: glass or solid, oil-treated oak

Quartet 80 Price from DKK 4,595.00


W: 45 x L: 45 cm H: 48 cm


Frame: black powder coated steel
Table top: glass or solid, oil-treated oak

Quartet 45 Price DKK 3,695.00


Round table, Ø48

DKK 2,375.00


Round table, Ø58

DKK 2,675.00


Round table, Ø68 cm.

DKK 2,995.00


Round table, Ø90 cm.

DKK 4,195.00


height choice 35cm, 41cm & 47cm